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Erik Bergqvist - Diploma

Vinkällan Beverage Education is a school for everyone. Our motto is really good pedagogy and a family feeling where everyone thrives. A fun school, in other words, without in any way compromising the requirements for a really good and solid education. We want our students to look forward to each lesson and long to return to us, even after they have completed their Sommelier education.

The sommelier education is divided into Step 1 and Step 2 where we go through all wine-producing countries and regions at an advanced level. Each course day also includes wine tastings where we practice describing wine. After completing the examination, you will receive the title Sommelier to wear with pride, as well as a diploma, pin and an apron with your name on it.

The training is approved by the Swedish Sommelier Association and thus the international Sommelier Association ASI.

Erik Bergqvist har finished Vinkällan's course with a passing grade.

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