Scandinavian Wine Academy present some of Sweden's most thorough courses in wine and beverages. We provide our Certified Sommelier Program in several different cities, Introductory courses for private individuals and also advanced courses with an international perspective for people in the business. Regardless of whether you are an interested wine lover or if you want to compete in wine, we have the courses for you.
Vinkällan Dryckesutbildningar (Scandinavian Wine Academy) was started in 1996 by Britta and Dick Samuelsson. From the beginning, Vinkällan was a one-man company, which Dick used in his work as a beverage educator and consultant. As early as 1998, we started our first Sommelier training at home in Stockholm. In just one year, the first course was also started in Gothenburg. High demand meant that we also conducted training courses on Åland and in Finland, together with rolling courses in Malmö, Linköping, and Öland. Since 2007, we are also represented in Denmark, with educations in Copenhagen and Silkeborg. This means that Vinkällan is the Nordic region's largest sommelier education. Since the start, we have had about 2500 Sommelier students. In an average year, over 200 students began their education, only in Sweden! We currently hold educations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe, but also digitally.

Our diplomas
Scandinavian Wine Academy is an educational body that certifies people in the drinks business. Here you can have a close look on the certification papers and diplomas that the student can get awarded through SWA, from Introductory courses to Cerdified Sommelier Diploma. The digital certificates is distributed by TRUE - a service for secure digital documents. Click to see and verify a certificate.